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About Me

After first honing my skills as a print designer for more than ten years, I have most recently spent four years as a UX/UI Senior Design Architect. Now, I’m ready for the next phase in my career. I bring to the table a wealth of practical experiences with a keen eye for design along with the intellectual rigor required for good UX.

My Skills

Repetition is the mother of skill

. . . Design is how it works. Steve Jobs

My Process

I’ve designed for various digital environments including iOS and Android apps as well as websites. The large projects that I’ve worked on have required that I collaborate effectively with cross functional teams, such as content specialists, engineers and product owners.


The experience of the user/customer is so vast and encompassing that no one person can design for it. It takes a team of specialists that has established a culture of respect and trust.


Experience has told me that there is a tipping point in the process: when research, discussion, workshopping, etc coalesces the team and their thinking.


I see UX not as an isolated skill set but as an overall approach that is best when adopted by the entire organization. All business areas are considered. The opinions and expertise of all team members are taken into account.


  • Jen Benoit

    “. . . Peter’s ability to see the big picture, his good common sense, and his good humor and team spirit made him a valued member of the team. Peter has excellent technical skills, creative ideas, and a real talent for design for students of high school age. Peter was never willing to just let something be ‘good enough’, he always strives to make each product the best it can be. . .”

    JENNIFER BENOIT- JetBlue Airways
  • “I worked closely with Peter at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and during that time I found him to be a results driven and innovative person with a positive “can do” attitude. His attention to detail and personal commitment to create the optimum user experience has resulted in successful products. Peter’s easy going, personable nature and sense of humour added with his incredible knowledge of UX|UI design has made him an invaluable team player.”

    MARY SANTAMARIA – Lead Design Architect, HMH Studios

Feel free to reach out to me by phone.

  • 3435 76th Street, Apt 6J, Jackson Heights, NY 11372
  • 347-306-4365
  • PSawchukhmh@gmail.com

Please get in touch with me if you have any queries and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Peter

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Peter Sawchuk
Aligning all aspects of UX

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3435 76th Street, 6J
Jackson Height, New York 11372